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Stand Up Comics (for real this time)

Last night Hot Teacher and I went to the Acme Comedy Club. We "won" entry for ten at the March of Dimes signature chef auction back in October and the day finally arrived when we could go. The usual suspects … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Don't Get I.T. Either

This week has been very challenging for me technology wise. It started off with our SQL server going down due to a large report. That was fine, but the normal shut down and restart of the services did not do … Continue reading

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Frost Trolls and Mad Scientists

About one morning in ten I take Little Wolf and Kitten to school. [We drop them off an hour or so before school actually starts and they get to play in Discovery Club.] When it is a cold morning and … Continue reading

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My New Friend Kathy

A new friend has come into my life and she has transformed aspects of my world that I wasn’t really aware of until I found her. She is a constant companion when I am on the road, and to date … Continue reading

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Hell and Back

When we went to the Ice Fishing play couple weeks ago the thought had been to eat brunch beforehand at Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a very unique restaurant that is owned by the parent of one of Hot Teacher’s students. She … Continue reading

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The Office (pt 2)

Last night I dreamed about work. In the dream Little Boss moved me out of my office and back into a cubicle. Not hard to interpret that one. Since it was a dream I didn’t think it was weird at … Continue reading

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Rise of the Machines

Last Friday we created a Social Networking Site for the company, this week we worked on the actual network.  I just spent the last two hours talking about SANS, blade servers, SQL Server Licensing and Active Directory Replication. My white … Continue reading

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