Dad & Daughter

Had a great day with the Green Girl today. Her unBirthday was over a week ago, but we finally found a day to go out together. Her snowboard lessons ended yesterday and most of her class mates went to Afton Alps, but rather than go far we went back to Mt. Como which was very unBusy as a result. I got some downhill skis and went with the Green Girl  up the rope tow about 35-40 times today.  We both started off a little shaky, but by the end of the day we were going over a small jump and cruising down to the bottom of the hill. A small hill to be sure, but it was perfect for me and the Green Girl. We also made a trip to the bookstore  and wound up looking voer the Advanced D&D books and talking about D&D. e almost bught the books, but I am going to try and find my old books.  She seemed pretty interested which was pretty cool for me. We had lunch at Red Lobster which the Green girl loves because she could get three kinds of shrimp. I really love their biscuits so it was a winner all around. After the snow boarding we went for coffee and I tried to have a real conversation with her, but I think I failed my save versus Awkward Moments when I told her I love her and was really gald she is my daughter.  She told me it was a good day which made ti all worth it for me.
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