A Pocket of Warmth

We took a mini vacation this weekend to Grand Rios Hotel and Water Park. I met the rest of the family there after work on Friday and we stayed for two nights.This is evidently a very common thing to do if you grew up in MN and it sounded like a normal activity until I started to think about it. We went with three other families who had all done this before – the usual suspects from the Teacher’s book club. It was a pretty fast paced weekend with water slides, splashing and eating pizza. I did find a moment to contemplate life while I was floating on the "lazy river", which is sort of a misnomer since about every couple minutes something is splashing you with water making it very difficult to sleep. I tried to practice being in the moment and was able for a short while forget about the work week and how we were going to make it to snow boarding lessons. I stared up at the ceiling of the water park and thought about how odd it was that this little pocket of warm weather was created in MN. The temperatures reached negative17 at some point this weekend and in reality you could tell because it went from being a warm place to an almost warm place. I had all these great thoughts that I wanted to write down, but they all escape me now. Let’s just end with the kids had a great time and I did actually find a few minutes to relax.

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