Trying to Take Over the World

The family gathered at my my wife’s cousins’s mothers this year for Thanksgiving. It was pretty uneventful, the food was good, the kids played upstairs almost the whole time and there was much laughing.  We talked alot about the sales going on today and just caught up with everyone.
Today we trimmed the tree and mostly hung out. I started a game of RISK with the kids yesterday – the Tiger and I are on a team. Right now the Green Girl is winning so I started an alliance with the Kitten to over throw her.
Today I also finished reading The Sons of Heavan by Kage Baker. It is the last book in a series that went on way too long, but started extremely well about 10 years ago with in the Garden of Iden.  I only read it to see how the author decided to end things otherwise I probably would have given up about half way through. It was truly awful.
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