The Day of the Tiger

Today was the Tiger’s unbirthday. It is a tradition I decided to start this year where I pick one day to spend with each kid and tell them how much I love them both through actions and words. With the Tiger who is a little bit younger actions work a lot better.

We started the day picking out our Pirate Names. I chose the Rhode Island Pirate, Thomas Tew who has a very cool fist and dagger flag. Despite the fact that I presnted him with several cool real pirate names, the Tiger chose Captain Jack Sparrow as his pirate name.  Score one point for Hollywood. Once we chose our names and put on our hats and swords we were off to storm the playground. We piloted  the Jungle Gym through sharks, crocodiles, undead skelton pirates ( score two for Hollywood) and found the treasure under the sand. Of course in true Pirate fashion I turned on the Tiger to try and steal the gold for "meself." After a long and fierce battle I am sad to say Captain Tew now rests in Davy Jones’s locker. The Tiger and I agreed that I will have to choose a new pirate name the next time we do this.

Next it was off to the malt shop for burgers and a malt. We talked a little, but mostly we wolfed down our food so we could get to the comic book store. The day almost broke down at this point because the Tiger wanted to go home and play on the computer. I assured him that even with a stop to acquire some comic books he would have time to play computer games. I could have banned the computer for today, but hey it’s his unbirthday so I guess he can do what he wants. We got there and after I talked him out of the gruesome comic that he wanted it took him about ten seconds to pick two more acceptable ones from a selection of hundreds. It took me a little longer.

It worked out pretty well we got home and read a comic book, played some computer games for about 20 minutes and then he wanted to read the other one. After all this I was ready from some prime vedging time so we popped some corn and I put on Treasure Planet (it seemed fitting). I haven’t watched that one in a while and I thought the same thing I always do – This is one of Disney’s more underrated movies.

We then progressed into dinner and baths and all that. All in all I thought it was a great day. I’m pretty sure the Tiger would agree with me.

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