There and Back Again

On Thursday of last week I took my first college style road trip since…well since college. It was planned so I think we may lose points on the spontaneity factor, but it was still fun and we spent more time traveling than we did at our destination – Chicago. I drove down there with my head developer so we could hear Joel Spolsky talk about his new release of FogBugz and espouse his excellent views on how software should be developed. The Cousin and I have delusions that we are going to be able to write a commercial software product whilst we are toiling away at our present company. When I looked around the room at this conference I don’t think we were the only ones with this delusion. In order to make the trip affordable, we stayed with Rob, which provided us the opportunity to teach the Cousin Chinese Poker. We had a few beers and all in all it was very relaxing. Possibly the best surprise of the whole trip was when we stopped for dinner in Rockford, IL and found a unique restaurant called Singapore Grill : Bar and Steak House. The menu was Asian fused with contemporary. The Cousin and I both got steaks. While this may sound boring if you had seen the menu each was prepared with a delicious original marinade. The gourmet potatoes and green beans served with the meal were as good as the steak. I even got a Sapporo to go with it.

As an added bonus I had two six hour meetings with my head of development. We come up with about 30 ideas two of which have even  got to be worth implementing.

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