Food Glorious Food

Tonight we took it a little easier than last nights debachury and I am back in my room by 9pm.  We ate out at a place called Tresca tonight and I had a great time. The twist here was that they bring a different course for each person based on your reactions to the previous course and the wine you choose. I had spicy pan seared Scallops, Spaghetti and meat sauce (the meat was veal), and for the main course I had venison steak. I also got to try everyone else’s which was a prime rib, lamb chop, and pork tenderloin. For dessert I ordered canoli and they served three of them : 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, and 1 cream cheese.  The whole experience was awesome. It was just the three of us from PCS and a Tech Support guy from Indiana named Josh. He’s been in all of the same meetings as me and I told him we were going. He was at the bar with us lat night too.  Of course when Bob sees the bill I don’t think I’ll be getting a tablet computer any time soon.
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