Now More New than Ever

If I can remember that these entries don’t have to be heart wrenching stories that chronicle my angst-ridden existence I’m more likely to keep it up.  Today was a Monday. Got to work late. Said more than I should in meetings. Snapped at coworkers who had too much on their plate just like me. Got home tired and managed to be pleasant, but not fun with Tiger and Kitty. Kitty got back from Girl Scout Camp today and she had a blast. You never know what that girl will like. Green Girl had her B-day party a week late over the weekend. She took her 9 best friends to the Park at MOA and they rode roller coasters for the day. She had fun and that is what matters. I told the Teacher that next year I think we’ll just take her out to dinner. The real reason I decided to write tonight is that I picked up my iPod for the first time in ages and it just seemed like the thing to do after I finished the dishes. On a whim today I applied for a job at Traveler’s. It seemed like a good fit. I thought it would be liberating, but I only felt guilt. I can’t hope to make the same salary anywhere else, but I figured it would be good for the psyche just to know I was qualified for another job.

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