The Ticket Economy

You have to love how the mind works. I started to write an entry about Tiger’s birthday earlier in the week and I stopped because I didn’t like how it was coming out. So instead of recording something that will be cool to remember in 20 years I have stopped making entries all together. (Of course I wonder what is really going to happen to all of these blog entries over the next 20 years?) Tiger turned six last Sunday and we had a party for him at Chuck E Cheese. He had a ball (a skee ball to be specific). He loved running around like a "ferret on crystal meth" (to steal from Mr. Wheaton) playing games and winning tickets. Of course Chuck E. Cheese is where kids are supposed to behave like that. You fill them up with bland pizza, root beer and Birthday cake and let them loose. We should be so lucky to be that happy. We decided he could go to Chuck E Cheese about a month ago and it’s about all he has talked about – well at least between talking about Spiderman, Pirates and Star Wars. The cool part is that it was actually as much fun as he hoped it would be. I of course could not escape my inner voice that wanted to observe the amazing marketing machine that is Chuck E. Cheese. They have the whole thing down to a science.  

10:00 Greeted by 17 year old hostess who is probably the oldest person who will be working that day

10:10 Deliver Pizza to our reserved Birthday table

10:25 Chuck himself comes out and does a little dance in honor of the Birthday Boy

10:45 Open presents.

11:00 Eat Cake

11:15 Run amok with piles of tokens and try and see who can get the most tickets.

11:29 Everything is cleared away and it’s like it never happened.

Of course this is nothing like what we did. As soon as they told us we would be eating CIMG3618pizza at ten in the morning we started to buck the system. Essentially we pushed that back to 11 and started with the ticket gathering immediately. We asked Tiger if he wanted Chuck to com and and he didn’t care so we bailed on that part. Tiger was pretty indiscriminate at first and would play any game that would spit out a ticket at him. Then he discovered skee ball. Tiger was not very good at first but by the time we left around 12:30 hMax as Black Spidermane was better than me. Those darn kids just learn so quickly. Of course plunking in 50 or so tokens doesn’t hurt. I managed to get some video of him, but I don’t think it does it justice. His technique was a little dangerous as he would swing his arm all the way back and hurl the ball against the inside edge where the momentum was transferred to roll it all the way up to the 50,000 point bucket.  He certainly wound up with a lot of tickets at the end of the day and he probably enjoyed his large rubber spider more than the great presents that he got because he got to pick it out and "buy" it with his hard earned tickets. I tell you that Mr. Cheese is one smart rodent. Of course he liked the presents too. Green Girl got him the reversible spidey costume and he wanted to put it on right away. I was tempted to let him, but there was so much going on already that we went with,"You can put it on as soon as you get home." And he did.

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