River of Dreams

I just put the Tiger to bed and he is working on staying dry through the night. I think the part that excites him most is that he doesn’t have to change into PJ’s and can just go to bed in his clothes. We made a deal and he can go long enough then I will take him to see Shrek the Third. My only concern now is that he won’t sleep at all.

Green Girl’s Egypt report buddy was over again tonight, but this time just to play. They did a swap after school and Kitty went to her house to play with her sister. The Teacher swapped them back after she got home from her Discrete Math class and I missed her going up to bed which means the two seconds I saw her this morning was it for the day.

I got an interesting assignment at work today. I was asked to seriously think about the future of the company and create what I think the personnel blue print should look like for the coming years. I’m pretty excited about it because I know that my boss will probably take a large amount of what I say into consideration and I’ll have the chance to make it become a reality.

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