The Monday Channel

Today was a blur. I think I got something done at work today, but I am not really sure. I spent most of the day working on one item for one client that I really enjoy working with, but she is a little needy. Towards the end of the day I forced myself to work on some project planning and I felt good about what I put together. Teacher is teaching her College Algebra class tonight and the kiMatildads asked that we start reading a book aloud. We used to do this when Teacher was teaching, but it has been a while. My favorite was The Hobbit and I tried to get them to go for it again, but Green Girl is reading it for school and didn’t want that much Tolkien in her life right now. She is also reading The Fellowship of the Ring on her own so she had a pretty good argument. We finally agreed upon Matilda by Roald Dahl which I have surprisingly never read so it is quite entertaining for me. Green Girl and I switch off reading out loud every other chapter.


I am writing this entry using Windows Live Writer which I have tried before, but it’s been upgraded significantly since the last then. I have just been using MS Word 2007 and I may switch back, but I thought I’d give this a try. The Blog Writer makes it easier to include pictures and other media, but I don’t know how big a deal that is going to be for me.

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