Thicker than Water

Today was busy. Especially for a day where we had "no plans." (This is how the Teacher answered the phone this morning when her dad called to say he was coming over.) She wound up going shopping with him for new eyeglasses after dropping Green Girl at her teacher’s house for lunch with the German exchange student living with her. I snuck out with the other two for lunch at MacDonald’s and when we all got back people started showing up for the gathering that Honorable Father-In-Law had requested we have while he was in town. Green Girl left around 4 for a sleepover with her friend. I managed to sneak in a little reading (Gone South by Robert McCammon) before I fell asleep on the couch. The Teacher had gone up to bed a long time before I awoke to follow her up.

When Teacher was going out shopping with her dad she asked me casually, "Do we need anything?" I started to try and think of something clever like, "A better method of communicating" or "All we Need is love," but the thoughts wouldn’t really form so I just said nothing.

Honorable Father-In-Law tried really hard tonight to get the kids to play with him and in the end it worked. They laughed themselves silly while he gave the rides on his knee. The Tiger gave him 100 hugs and kisses as payment for the rides.

The Newphew was sick and threw up twice while Cool Sister-In-Law and the SysAdmin were here. They had planned on going to Cool Sister-In-Law’s 15 year college reunion, but didn’t want to leave a sick Nephew with the babysitter (aka Honorable Father-In-Law).

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