I decided to mix things up last night and rather than have the Teacher not be at home in the evening I was the one who stayed out. I had originally planned to stay late and work, but then Julie asked when we were going to go out for a birthday beer. Since I was already staying late she Bob and I went over to TGIFriday’s around 4pm for a "meeting." The sad part is we really did have a meeting. Julie and I stayed for one more beer after Bob left and mostly talked about work and television. She filled me on the PCS bowling outing that I missed a couple weeks back to go see Jon Stewart (which was pretty awesome). I then came back to the office so that on my deathbed I won’t have to lament not spending enough time there. I finally got out by around 9:30 and was home by 10 which was enough time to finish my book and go to bed tired.

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