Another Day Older

On first glance I started to think that yesterday was almost exactly like Tuesday. I guess it wasn’t exactly the same. Sure I got up and went to work and that part is the usual blur, but when I got home the Teacher wasn’t at Discrete Math she was out teaching her Trig class. Actually the first thing I noticed when I got home was Tiger and Kitten playing on the swing set. This is how I knew that the person Green Girl was talking to in the office was not her sister. The Green Girl and her friend were working together on a report about Egypt. They were actually mostly just laughing. It was a good thing all they had left to do was type up the report. I fixed them all some food of debatable nutritional value and then had a hamburger. Of course the biggest difference was that this night I was reading The Turing Option by Harry Harrison. Which is a pretty well written book completely marred by the technology he didn’t predict. Mostly he didn’t account for how large a part of the culture the internet would become.

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