Day 1 (again)

Something we have plenty of in our first world is the examined life. I have an internal dialog that examines my life pretty much every moment that I am not otherwise occupied and for a practiced lay about like myself that is just way too often. I recently came across an article on Zen Habits that promised 52 Tips for Happiness and I thought why not try some of them. I could sure use being happier. #29 was start a journal and I thought that was an easy place to start. I even already have an electronic one set up and withering away in cyberspace. So I told myself I would write an entry before I went to bed even if it was only a few words. I remembered on the ride in this morning and thought I would take some of the quiet time here at the office so I wouldn’t have the opportunity to forget again tonight. So my belated entry for yesterday is going to read something like this. Got up, went to work, various things ensued that in the grand scheme of the world won’t matter when I reread this in five years, I went home. The Teacher was already gone for her Discrete Math class and I was so hungry that I didn’t even change out of my work clothes before fixing dinner. Of course thanks to our Memorial Day grilling bounty all I had to do was employ the microwave about 16 times and take the plates to the table. I played a computer game with the kids – it is one of those search-and-finds so we actually do play together. After I put the two little ones to bed The Green Girl and I did a crossword puzzle together. After Green went to bed the Teacher and I talked a little bit about her job and about my job. We went up to bed and I finished reading When Gravity Fails by George Alec Effinger. I realize that wasn’t the most scintillating reading, but hey stay tuned today we might play scrabble instead.

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