Bagelries of Chance

This past weekend the Teacher (my wife) went to a convention on Saturday. This left me on my own with the kids. This isn’t really a hardship when you consider the fact I still got to sleep until 10am. Unfortunately (or probably fortuantely) I have a bit of a reputation to live up to when
Mom is away for an entire day. I woke up to an argument over leggos and wound up agreeing to play spaceships and leggo dress up with the Tiger (one and only son – full nickname is Little Tiger, American Dragon) and the Kitten (number two daughter – the middle child. In case you are wondering Leggo Dress up is where you have several different leggo bodies and only one head and you keep switching outfits. I languisehd in this leggo version of playing House for about an hour until I decided to prepare this group for a Day with Dad. For lunch we each put a restaurant in a hat. We wound up going to my choice which was the Saint Paul Bagelry. There was a minor revolt from Max who thought by putting the name MacDonald’s in the hat we would for sure be going there. I managed to convert him by a prmoise of MacDonald’s at a date to be named later. We almost left as soon as we got there because they had about ten bagels left in the place.  I was able to talk the kids out of going to see Cars for the third time by offering a choice of putting on a puppet show or making a movie with the video camera. We had a split vote and so we made a movie about making a puppet show. It kept us busy until well after the Teacher got home.  It would have been perfect if not for the fact that when I went to download the video to the computer I couldn’t find the right cable. The kids were all waiting to watch the movie and now we couldn’t do anything with it. I can’t really convey why , but this just put me in a really fowl mood and the Day with Dad was over. I eventaully found the cable and got the movie loaded onto the computer.  Sunday flew by and only the Tiger even asked to watch the movie.  The Teacher left agan today for a school trip with her new students, but we didn’t have much time to notice. She’ll be gone again tomorrow and I think we’ll feel it a little bit more since it won’t be a Monday.
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