What’s with the Hats?

Until quite recently I was a one man IT department. A few years ago a peer of my boss told him that at his company it took eleven people to do the job that I was doing. After I let my ego shrink back to normal size I really started to embrace the idea of wearing many hats. I created a list of the different hats I wore in my job. I stopped myslef at eleven because I liked the serendipity of it and presented it to my boss. We agreed shortly after that to hire a second person and several months ago we finally did. It only took me a week to realize that I still wore all of the same hats as before, but now I also wore the hat of Manager. Taken a little further there are more hats that I wear when I am not at work – father and husband to name the obvious. It is no secret that I have always considered myself a writer even though I have never applied myself to it seriously. I thought a blog would be a good venue to polish my wordplay and get myslef writing again. Part of me thinks that a pure diary blog will be boring and no one will want to read it. I will try and insert columns about things that I know about : Books and Information Technology. I almost said computers. It isn’t the computers I know so much about, but rather how they can be used. I am an unabashed Microsoft fan with a small yearning to find out what this Linux thing is all about. I am a voracious reader and sometimes I even read worthwhile literature. My goal will be to write one Tech column and one book review each month and mix it in with some touching stories about my kids and life here in Minnesota. I may even throw in some personal history and philosophy to help bring it all togehter.
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